Private Client, Flushing, MI

Mahogany bookcase with brass galley rail on top. Constructed to client's specs. to shelve complete set of antique, leather-bound Great Books.

This bookcase was a commission done in the Mission style in  quarter-sawn white oak. This piece was fashioned in part from a dismantled Woodard upright piano. The piano had been in the family for many years and the owner wanted to save as much of it as possible. The sides were used for the same, the lower kick-board and the music desk back were used as the cabinet divider and various other parts were incorporated as well with a reproduction decal applied to the backsplash to simulate the fallboard.
I make many different sizes and styles of bookcase storage units.  These come in a multitude of widths, heights, and depths, with both fixed and adjustable shelving, as well as with or without doors.  If you have a particular need,  please  inquire.